About Redd

Redd is an award winning recording artist and TV personality. Redd has made frequent appearances on Television on 30a Television www.30a.tv – on 30a radio, CNN, The Weather Channel and has performed in NYC at Birdland and in Las Vegas. You can see Redd at her popular restaurant in Blue Mountain Beach Florida www.reddsbar.com

Her “one woman show” of over 400 songs all sung while tending the bar has been a big hit since day one. The audience is made up of summer and winter visitors, from many states and cities around the country. They all make a point to see Redd when in town on their annual vacation. They have gotten to know Redd from her weekly live streams of the show, where viewers can log in at www.facebook.com/reddsbar and watch the show, and even request a song or two. Her social network presence is ever expanding, especially with her latest release of the iPhone app, Redd Sings. Her award winning CD, Discovered At Last, named after the title track, is now in a second reprint, having sold out the first 1,000 soon after the release.